zoo tycoon 2 money hack

Note: Plant eaters will get eaten.
How to Breed Animals Faster: Submitted by: Zoo Tycoon 2 Lover warning: These items are from the regular zoo tycoon.
The Screams Heard 'Round The World: On the zoo select screen with the globe, if you spin it fast enough, you'll hear the entire world scream!
But they probably won't like swimming with dangerous animals, so those ones should probably be in proper tanks.Hint: - Submitted by: Lux If you have Extinct Animals, then get out your Fossil Finder.Finally exit the window.Running faster: Submitted by: Gillian When you are trying to run faster you can press the shift button click the left mouse button, and you could also use left button on the mouse to move.Sundial statue: Complete all scenarios in the Prevent Animal Abuse campaign.Also: Put at least 3/12 trees/plants/rocks for scenery.
Use natural water instead of water bowls.
Unlockable How to unlock Flower Post - Complete The "Zookeeper In Training".
Note: Make sure ub funkeys windows 7 driver to fully close exhibits with natural walls.
3.Put animels in but NO zookeepers they ruin.
To fulfill your guests needs, you will need: Marketing (gift shops, souvenir shops, etc.) food cartoon network generator rex games (resteraunts, food stands, food carts, food shacks) basic needs (ATCs, Family Restroom holds unlimited people and eliminates lineups, benches, trashcans/recycling cans and a lot of them too, Picnic tables, lamposts.
As long as your path doesn't end the guests will keep walking through.More starting money in challenge mode:, got season 5 episode 10 kickass in challenge mode, put the pointer over the "Up" button hat increases your money, but do not click.Put animals in the same cage without fighting: Okay you can put animals from the same biome in the same cage including predators.4)recycle all the plants, trees etc.Make water deeper: Choose the "Deep Water" tool, and use it as you normally would.Well just follow thease steps but you have to be fast!All other brands, logos, and/or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.Small groups do better, and about 3-4 species.When that happens go to camera mode and take a pic of him to find out his name(optoinal).Flower post: Complete all scenarios in the Zookeeper In Training campaign.To unlock the yellow brick road path, build a cage and put a bengal tiger, a grizzly bear, and a lion in the same cage.Also, you can put a herd of gazzelles into one big exibhit with your lions and the lions can eat 'em.