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After experiencing his memories, R sees Perrys girlfriend Julie, and in a moment of mercy, saves her from the others.
The next morning, the girls give R a major make-over to make him look human, and take him on a tour of the city.The zombies are very lethargic for the most acrobat professional 6 serial part, have limited speech and short memories, and are notably illiterate.Pellegrini, Michael (September 12, 2011).The couple meets up with Nora, and they flee to a roof where they see the battle between the Boneys and the Living.Throughout the week, R feeds her food from the airports restaurant, entertains her with his treasures, including a record player, and Julie tries to teach him to drive a car which R has managed to get started.
The fight on the roof somehow causes the Boneys to give up, and they disperse.
R begins walking back to the airport in a heavy rainstorm, and feels cold for the first time since he died.
They live in what is a mere, twisted shadow of a normal society.
The primary residence of humans was in a city barred with walls.
Un giorno, mentre ne divora il cervello, R assaggia i ricordi di un ragazzo di nome Perry Kelvin.
By now, its become apparent that some form of Perrys soul is living inside R, and has intertwined with Rs own."The New Hunger Review: Isaac Marion's Warm Bodies Prequel Novella".Nicholas Hoult stars as the zombie R in the feature film adaptation, written and directed."Warm Bodies Author Isaac Marion Says A Sequel To The Zombie Novel Is On The Way".Estratto da " ".Although they do not attack, one of them shows R some old photos of Dead and Living fighting each other, telling him that they need to maintain the status quo.The vision ends, and the three of them leave the cemetery.Those that havent started changing yet, either start to change or fade away into dust.Julie is astounded by the siege, but Perry speaks to both of them inside their heads, and tells them that its because the Boneys are afraid of the change they represent.Warm Bodies' lands Jonathan Levine".However, the Boneys attack and try to kill Julie, but with Ms help, they get away in Rs car.