starshatter the gathering storm system requirements

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After hundreds of years colonizing the planets, the Human Civilization that started on Earth left that birthplace for the stars.
Each campaign begins with each side having a crysis 3 beta codes set number of ships and e books agatha christie fighters, which are the deployed to perform missions.Now get out there and start creating your space legend!Anything the player sees can be traveled to, and ships can travel seamlessly in gta police chase game and out of any planet's atmosphere.Top, what is Starshatter?But nothing made by man lasts forever.Marakan Hegemony, the isolated and internally secretive government of Marak had developed a powerful military and diplomatic influence on many neighboring star systems.
When using the third-person exterior view, the mouse is also used to control the camera and to select targets and issue orders to allies, just as in a space-based RTS game.
Starshatter includes a "Custom Mission" selection screen that allows the end user to access any enabled mods ships and play any mods included missions.
At the start of the game, each faction has a set number of units.
Overview, starshatter: The Gathering Storm is a space combat game developed.
Starship Assault, fleet Engagement, escort, blockade, starbase Assault.
This game is a remake of the 1997 Starshatter.The player is assigned a unit and given a number of generated missions.The missions are based on the current situation in the campaign.Damage in the game is persistent, as is the number of units.Attention is given to realism in the game.Making kills, completing objectives, and even simply logging flight time and landing safely earns the player experience points, which bind to the player's character (as opposed to their ship).You can easily assign any joystick or gamepad axis to any function you wish, and each axis (including the mouse Y-axis) can be inverted to suit your preferences.Is Starshatter Modable, modding starshatter, starshatter is a space-sim modder's dream platform.Starshatter: The Gathering Storm was released on July 7, 2004 by Matrix Games.Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP, pentium III 1Ghz or Athlon Equivalent 512 MB RAM, direct X9 compatible 32 MB video card 8x CD-Rom, 700 MB Free Disk Space.You can also use the mouse to fly your ship and fire your weapons.The game starts with a small skirmish between the Terellian Alliance and the Marakan Hegemony, and eventually escalates to all-out interstellar war by way of the game's dynamic campaign engine.