oxford handbook of clinical dentistry 5th edition

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Cousins MJ, Bridenbaugh PO, editors.
The rectal route is available for children who cannot take medication orally; however, children do not like this route and may refuse to take the medication.Pfaff VK, Smith KE, Gowan.The role of patient-controlled analgesia in the management of cancer pain.The patient's knowledge of, curiosity about, preferences for, and expectations about pain management methods.J Chron Dis 1987; 40(6 513-22.Correlation beavis and butthead episodes of patient and caregiver ratings of cancer pain.Given the nature of cancer-related pain, behavioral scales for the assessment of acute pain problems are unlikely to be sensitive in assessing the child with cancer pain.(2007) Health Promotion Strategies Through the Life Span - 8th.Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disease, accounting for approximately two thirds of all cases of dementia and affecting up to 20 of individuals older than 80 years.
Costs of analgesic drugs, for example, including many that are equally effective for pain management, vary dramatically (Kolassa, in press).
(2010) Practice-Based Learning Improvement: A Clinical Improvement Action Guide - 3rd.
Children receiving a continuous infusion should be offered "rescue" doses for breakthrough or poorly controlled pain regularly on the basis of their level of pain and the duration of the effect of the prescribed opioid.
Siu, MD, msph Assistant Professor University of California, Los Angeles Department of Medicine Los Angeles, California Thomas.
Lindstrom P, Lindblom.Stigma associated with use fears.Widmark, MD, PhD Medical Officer Food and Drug Administration, cder Rockville, Maryland Elaine.4 The standard against which other nsaids are compared.Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery.Pain relief using cutaneous modalities, positioning, and movement.Physical examination, emphasizing the neurologic examination.Glucocorticoid treatment for brain metastases and epidural spinal cord compression: a review.Intramuscular injections should not be used, because "shots" are painful and frightening to children.