outlook 2010 archive policy greyed out

On the, policy tab, in the, folder Policy list, click spotify web player musiken an entry based on your organizations guidelines.
Tip: To select more than one message, press and hold ctrl as you click each message.
Top of Page, assign a retention policy to email messages.
I am just testing outlook 2010 with exchange 2010 - archiving is enabled but i am unable to manually set any rentetion tags.The fb messenger for laptop default for Folder Policy is normally Use Parent Folder Policy.However, your organization might provide additional optional retention policies that dont appear by default.A policy assigned to a message takes precedence over any inherited folder policy.In the message list, click a message.On the Home tab, in the Tags group, click Assign Policy.Top of Page, assign a retention policy to an email folder.Assign a retention policy to email messages.
From my history, I know that if I dont read the newsletter within 1 month, that I will never read.
License requirements for Personal Archive and retention policies.
Under Retention Policy, click Use Folder Policy.
For more information, see.In the list, click a policy, and then click Add.Important: If you have any questions about your organizations retention policies, you should review your organizations guidelines or contact your legal department.This is super useful for any mailbox folder that fills up quickly,.g., newsletter, mailing lists, incoming game dao vang 2 offline service requests updates, automated jobs and their emails, etc.Nic, eDIT: It might be worth mentioning that the company has been using.prf files to configure Outlook thus far, I'm looking to eliminate that.I changed this to 1 Month Delete (30 days).On the, folder tab, in the, properties group, click, policy.In this article, about retention policy, assign a retention policy to an email folder.