minecraft texture packs 1.5 2 cracked

Redrew icons for rabbit's feet and gold ingots.
Wither status condition GUI item.11 new Mycelium textures for mushroom biomes, in the prisoner of birth 3 lengths, with all 4 dirt types - 102 unique textures in all!Re-enabled mod support for Peaceful Pack and Beekeeping mods.Monster spawning eggs in egg, bead, crystal, SCP file and SCP report variations.Fixed graphical issue with spider eyes on Telethon spiders.Click a slot to store the npc.
Extrabiomes XL: 14 leaf pile options.
Fixed bug in customizer relating to purple dyes.
Furthermore, four community contributions have been added: a chinese art pack to match the chinese items by Mozzie, and three Quandry Pack options - feather, fishing pole and seeds - recoloured to match painterly and used with permission by their owner, Extranoise.
7 styles of clock - digital, pocketwatch and classic in a variety of faces.
All existing lightmaps inazuma eleven strikers 2013 wii iso updated to MCPatcher compatibility by Brae53.
(basically the same as unlocking/locking dialogs).Fixed.5 error re: Incorrect dispenser textures.Added 12 new 'small gem' blocks for emeralds, in emerald, sapphire, topaz and amethyst colours.Enchanting tables available in black obsidian, purple obsidian, dark wood and light wood, with your choice of diamond-studded top or crafting table style top for the wood tables.15 types of stained glass, including a variety of flat autocad 2012 64 bits portable panel panes, classic style glass, and various stained glass options.6 new bark textures, added options for roofed oaks and acacia trees.24 additional options added to dispenser face, and propogated all dispenser options to droppers, as well.3 styles of ice and snow sandstone (4 ctm options) for winter themed texture packs.36 variants of zombie villager to allow all applicable zombie and villager combinations for heads.3 styles of 'fixed' diamond ore blocks as crates and diamond cells.