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A PowerPoint presentation and worksheet looking at converting between metric and imperial units.
Worksheet with questions converting between metric and imperial worksheets (answers included!).If you wish to take advantage of the candy crush saga game for pc for automatic converter you will need to use the spreadsheet but the PDF version may be used for print-outs if you prefer this format.The examples and questions on worksheet have been created using real Guinness World Records.Suitable for KS3 or KS4.The first sheet in the file gives you an automatic metric measurement of length converter, simply enter the figure you want to convert into the appropriate box and the converted figure will appear.I have no idea if this will be of any use to anyone in the community but I have enjoyed putting it together so it has not really been a total waste of time!Sheets with tables on that show conversions between metric and imperial units, that students could stick into books.
Pizza size) to allow children to work out multiplications and divisions easily.
A worksheet asking children to convert between metric and imperial units using real life examples.
I have also included printable sheets game sleeping dogs nightmare in northpoint of conversion tables for inches to centimetres, feet to metres, kilometres to miles etc.
Some numbers have been altered slightly (e.g.
Convert the units and find the answer to a joke.
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