magic lantern 7d alpha 2 installation

GOP 100 is too much or do we even need GOP 10000?) also tell us if the features are a must-have or if they are for nuts and nobody will use them.
Known issues: * You have to reload Magic Lantern nch switch sound file converter plus v4.35 every time you use.
This feature has been hit or miss in the past depending on the memory card you use, but if you set it up correctly it can help.
The key word is still alpha so use at your own risk.Is it possible to assign it to the AF-ON button too?So, the biggest feedback I have is probably this: having a custom preset that could save video bitrate setting preset would be nice.level indicator, image review tweaks (quick zoom) and a lot more /whats-new/10.Use Magic Lantern at your own risk!I am not sure yet how to make the setting safe enough.LiveView settings (brightness, contrast.Key Features: * Audio meters while recording * Zebras * Focus peaking * Magic Zooom (via half-shutter, or focus ring) * Cropmarks, Ghost image * Spotmeter * False color * Histogram, Waveform * Vectorscope * Movie logging * Movie auto stop * Trap focus.DOF preview sticky seems only to work on liveview mode, and not through the OVF.This thing is superb!
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I would switch flush to 24 with audio enabled with medium GOP to shoot things that makes sound, like a musical instrument or machines chugging.
(press delete for menu).
We finally received a few IDA licenses and can improve Magic Lantern a lot now!
This version seems to disable audio every time I fiddle with video hacks so I'd have to manually turn on audio after every settings, so that's kinda annoying.
I am afraid that some settings and/or use cases can render the video crappy and the user doesnt notice.(this is intentional) * when using hdmi output, frame drops may happen (to be verified) * make sure your battery/adaptor is chipped, else canon menu will abort "firmware update" ( loading ML) * movie restart and video effects menus visible but not working.Is there a way to get this to work with the OVF?So we can tune the values and make it appear in stable releases too somewhen.Time lapse features are much more useful then an image rating system in my opinion.Also: I'm loving the sticky half shutter function.So it depends on how stable the features are.