lost season 6 episode 19

Out of all 35 main characters, only 14 survived and 21 are dead.
Water breaches the sub, and Frank is hit with a metal door as it gives away under the pressure of the water.Sayid kills Dogen and Lennon.Jacob instructs Hurley to bring Jack, Kate, and Sawyer to him, which he does.Mikhail returns with Sun and finds Keamy dead.Miles calls Ben, who is sitting with Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley.Ben, Richard, and Miles trek through the jungle to retrieve the C4 Ben has hidden at the barracks.
A few days later, Sawyer goes to talk with Kate in the police station.
Kate enters a cab and holds its driver at gunpoint.
Sawyer catches up with Jack's group, and tells him MiB's plan of using Desmond to destroy the island.
Hurley and Sayid sit in their car outside a bar, and they see a fight break out.
Add your comments on super mario world 2 hack this episode below.Kate reveals to Claire that she took Aaron off the Island.His desire to do something about her cancer mirrors perfectly his behaviour on the island.Jack insists that John was right about almost everything, and wished he got to tell him this when he was still alive.Locke bleeds from the mouth, and the two realize that they are mortal again.