halo 2 windows xp patch

Click on the 'Add non-Steam game.' button located on the lower left part of the Steam window.
8, start it up and have fun!
When this is installing it may seem to lagu van morrison someone like you freeze, but just wait it out: the status bar doesn't seem to update with the installation.
Steam Shortcut Open Steam and go to the 'My games' tab.7, save it and do whatever else you have to do with.Desktop/Normal Shortcut Open the 'Halo 2 XP Patch' folder (which is inside the Halo 2 folder now) and right click on the 't' and select Send to Desktop (Create Shortcut).There is the following line: "You may not.This is a advanced tutorial, but i was very careful to write it so anyone could follow it (i hope).Dll xinput9_1_0.dll, in addition two bat files.Now that you have restarted your computer and have found your way back to this tutorial, we need to install a few more files to finish the patch.5, once you saved the file, download it on utorrent.This is where you really need to pay attention.Now is when you should best slider plugin for wordpress 2013 restart your computer.Make your Halo 2 profile.
Click ok, click ok again, and your shortcut should look just like any other one.
Once you have that file downloaded, open is and drag the folder named 'Halo 2 XP Patch' onto your desktop.
Dont forget to take the DVD out of the CD drive lol.
4, go to 1 and find the Halo 2 torrent.
The Windows Vista version is far superior to the modified version.To do this, go to 'My computer right click on the CD drive with the 'Halo 2' in it and select 'Open'.After the game finished installing you'll get a message saying the installation is complete, yay, click 'ok' to close.Dll and paste it into the Halo 2 folder too.After it installs you will be able to sign into Windows Live while playing.I read on some forum that with the help of xp patch(some t and bunch of dll files) halo 2 can be played.The default is C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHalo Custom Editionmaps, so look there first.