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OverviewCrash Bash was the first in the party genre for the franchise and the last of Crash's outings on the PSOne.
The main mode of play in Crash Bash is the Adventure Mode, in which the player must win all 28 levels to complete.4 The player wins Trophies, Crystals, and Gems by beating the different challenges of each level.4 Certain levels require a minimum number.
Like the platformer installments of the Crash series, the player uses Warp Rooms to travel among the many levels of Crash Bash.4 The player can access additional Warp Rooms by defeating Arena Bosses.4 To complete the entire Adventure Mode, the player must win every Trophy.
Our newest community member is alvi View Profile Message User Thank User.Crash Bash rates this game: 5/5.After completion of the 25 trophies, the player can also win Sapphire Relics from any completed levels.4 The player wins the Gold Relic after winning a level twice, and a Sapphire Relic after winning three times.In Arena Boss Events, the player battles a single powerful adversary in a certain type of minigame.4 Defeating this boss requires the player to empty the boss' health meter.4 The player will also have a health meter.Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back, Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped, Crash Team Racing.3999 users online 80 registered 3919 guests.
Every time the player takes damage, his/her health meter will lose some Wumpa Fruit juice.4 If the juice runs empty, the game will end.4 By emptying the boss' health meter first, the player will gain access to the next Warp Room, where more arenas must.
There are five Warp Rooms and completing all of them results in a 200 completion, prototype 3 game for pc although this doesn't unlock anything.4.
When a certain number of Trophies, Gems, and Crystals have been obtained, an Arena Boss Event is unlocked.Registered users: 607jf, _nippur_de_legrand, Absurd, adriana, aramchek, Attitude-Check, Berzerk, tetris cheat perfect clear chickenwings247, Conversus_W_Vans, daverug, DCDannyDoom23, deadpixel99, deltax5, cadprofi hvac & piping chomikuj dltlk, dookfleed, EarthwormJames, erik1977, erzet79, eugenerobinhood1, exilemumbles, ffthewinner, FlarePhoenix, funnytimes2016, GalanDun, Gamerone, GuyKazama, InquisitionImplied, itsonlyleggy, Jade1975, JohnnyLove007, katend, Katom1096, kintaro_pd, knightsx26, kostyama2022, kurtistv, macress, MafiaPlay2, majkulence, mbrake90, mercuryshadow09, minimaniac, mistamontiel.Game : Crash, bash.Lego Pirates of the Caribbean - The Video.Sony Playstation / PSX, pS 1, iSOs.Game, description Reviews: OverviewCrash, bash was the first.