excel macro to compare two word documents

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Read more, automation, macros available in MS Word cannot support automation of the comparison.
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Start with below links.MS Word displays some statistics about the document, such as the number of words and characters, but it cannot compare it to the previous version of the document.Feel free to share your experience in the comments).Well, since this is an Excel Blog, I am going to demonstrate a situation where we alarmstufe rot 2 german may use Word as a helper tool to compare two lists.If they dont match, for word match, for each word in first text. We do not see what the differences are in the cells easily.6) Cant believe this is that simple.If a question is poorly phrased then either ask for clarification, ignore it, or edit the question and fix the problem.
The number of words, characters, etc.
Sometimes it makes sense comparing this data with the data for the other file.
Dim readonlyobj As Object False Dim filename As Object txtfile1.Text 'create a word application object for processing the word file.
I also have a few apps that require a comparison tool to be used to tell differences between document versions.We can use a simple.Repeat for next item in list.My wife uses this trick all the time.Comparing by letter or word, imagine you are looking at 2 lists like this and you want to know where items differ.You can pass to Compare Suite two files (they dont have to be a pair.doc and.doc file; they can.doc and.pdf,.doc and.pptx and it will compare them.Dont laugh as that is what I heard and saw.To compare 2 sets of data, we need to do below: For each item in list.Put the two document side by side and do eye-ball checking?