cyberlink powerdirector 11 director suite review

Unfortunately, the program doesn't give you much support in actually locating clutsyou're pretty much on your own.
Near-Pro Video Editing If you're into keyframe editing (which allows precise control over when effects begin and end based on exact frames you choose) PowerDirector is there for you.A new Mask Designer lets you add transparency to mask objects (including your own images) patch fifa v 1.1 and text.PowerDirector's chroma-key tool lets you shoot someone with a single-color background, usually green, and create the effect of him or her being in an exotic scene by choosing a different background.Video collages, featuring animated picture-in-picture templates.The program now offers 11 360-degree title options, including some with fly-in animations.Installing the program takes up nearly a gigabyte of your hard drive, so be sure to use a machine with room to spare.The Edit using Content Aware Editing right-click choice processes a clip, and then it shows a dialog with tracks for each of the detected events, such as Zoom, Pan, Faces, Speech, Shaky video, poor lighting, and more.
The most 360-degree video capabilities of any video editor.
It's also easy to create voiceovers with the Voice-Over Recording Room, accessible from a tab sporting a microphone icon.
Adding titles and transitions is still possible, as is making color corrections, and time speedups and slowdowns.
Adobe Premiere Elements' motion tracking tool also lost track of a skateboarder in my test footage when he passed behind a pole.
A search box lets you find a specific type, like Page Curl.
Transitions are easy to add, and the program can decide what material before and after to use when you drop this kind of effect to a join line between clips.
Some professionally trained video editors I know lament, however, that you can't do a rough trim on a clip before dragging it down into PowerDirector's project timeline, as you can in Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro.This joins support for Canon 1DC, JVC HMQ-10, and GoPro Hero3 4K content.When I used Audio Analysis, my two clips synced perfectly.It even kept up with the trackee when he walked behind a glass door.You can drag transitions between clips, apply effects, and add audio clips without switching to timeline view.One thing I'd like to be able to add, however, is a speech bubble, something offered by Adobe and Corel.Performance CyberLink's investment in 64-bit optimizations and graphics hardware acceleration has paid off.