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The documents were published in ocbc branch code 514 the "Siasat" newspaper at that time in which the British ambassador was ordering some to financially support Dashti in return for his service.
A Study of the Prophetic Career of Mohammad is a book written by the Iranian author Ali Dashti.
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Novels: Ali Dashti sympathized with the desire of educated Iranian women for freedom to use their brains and express their personalities; but he does not present a very favourable picture of them in his collections of novelettes: Fetna (19 Jadu (1951) and Hendu (1955).Written by an Iranian Muslim who had a critical and questioning mind, I am happy to share this link to a PDF of the book which I have found online: Twenty-three Years, by Ali Dashti.Political Works Collected Articles: Ayam-e Mahbas (Prison Days) Panjah o Panj (Fifty Five) on news24 lotto 27 june 2015 major and influential political personalities of Iran Translations into Persian: Edmond Demolins's A quoi tient La superiorite des Anglo-Saxons Samuel Smiles 's Self-Help translated into Persian from Arabic Criticism edit Criticism.Dashti was also an Iranian senator.An Iranian newspaper reported his death in 1982.
Nevertheless, these stories are very readable, and they provide a vivid, and no doubt partly accurate, record of the social life of the upper classes and the psychological problems of the educated women in Tehran at the time.
Another comprehensive study by an insider into how Islam changed with changing environments and from a peaceful mission changed to an agressive one after the flight from Mecca to Medina ( Yathrib) and gathering some followers.
Oqala bar khelaf-e 'aql (1975 and twice reprinted, revised versions of articles first published in the periodicals Yaghma in 19, Vahid in 1973, and Rahnoma-ye Ketab in 1973, with two additional articles on logical contradictions in arguments used by theologians, particularly Mohammad ol- Ghazzali (10581111).
Elwell Sutton, In Search of Omar Khayyam, London 1971.Negah-i be Sa'eb (1974 on the poet Sa'eb (16011677).Seyr-i dar Divan-e Shams, on the lyric verse of the poet Mowlavi Jalal od-Din Rumi (12071273).this book has been translated by Sayeh Dashti,.Sha'eri dir-ashna (1961 on Khaqani (1121/22-1190 a particularly difficult but interesting poet.Twenty-three Years, by Iranian thinker Ali Dashti, is one of my favorite lives of Muhammad.Pdf 5 download locations Download Direct 23 Years by Ali Dashti in Persian_Farsi Islam." Confucius, Buddha, Zoroaster, Socrates, Moses, and Jesus had said similar things.Muhammad reiterated principles which mankind had already conceived in earlier centuries and many places.Ali Dashti; Translated.Rather than becoming a cleric, he became a journalist and published a newspaper (Shafaq-e Sorkh) in Tehran from 1922 to 1935.Advanced embedding details, examples, and help!